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Mobile First is a Must for Associations in 2024

If you're not mobile first,
you're last!

Association marketing experts know members need instant access to key resources in the field. Enter: mobile-first web design. This strategy is not just about adapting to technological trends; it’s about directly responding to the evolving needs and behaviors of association members.

Workers in a factory setting using various smart devices

In the Field with Your Members

The shift towards mobile usage is evident across all demographics. Members are increasingly relying on their mobile devices for information, networking, and accessing member benefits.  A mobile-first philosophy ensures that members have immediate and easy access to these resources, which is crucial for maintaining engagement and satisfaction.


Worldwide Smartphone Users

This is anticipated to jump to 7.7 billion by the end of 2028.

For comparison, just 2.5 billion people used smartphones in 2016.

3 Ways it Pays to go Mobile-First

  • 1

    Enhancing Member Experience

    Faster access, easier navigation, and a more intuitive interaction with top resources.

  • 2

    Increased Engagement and Participation

    Members are more likely to engage with online forums, participate in surveys, register for events, and access educational resources.

  • 3

    Facilitating Non-Dues Revenue Streams

    Enhance e-commerce experiences, such as purchasing merchandise, books, or course registrations, making these processes more accessible and user-friendly. Improve the visibility and effectiveness of sponsored content, advertisements, and partnerships.

Key Benefits at the
Members' Fingertips

Members expect a seamless online experience, regardless of the device they use. Associations failing to provide a mobile-optimized experience risk falling behind, potentially losing members to organizations that offer a more modern and accessible digital presence.

How do I get there from here?

Embracing a mobile-first approach is a vital step in ensuring your association remains relevant, accessible, and engaging in an increasingly mobile-centric world.  But it can be daunting! 

Don’t go it alone – get expert advice to help make a plan, or let Phil handle it with white-glove support you can rely on!