Websites and full-stack development for associations

Washington DC Metro


Plan well. Then build.

First, we meet to unpack your request and discuss how I can help.  I utilize my association business analysis expertise and together we discuss all the ins and outs.  Once the work is fully planned, scoped, and approved, it’s time to implement.  

Depending on the size and nature of the tasks, this can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months.  I roll up my sleeves and get to setting up the technical aspects of the solution.  My years of experience in configuring and tailoring systems combined with my software programming skills allow me to execute efficiently and without miscommunication.

When it’s ready, it’s training time!  It’s essential to maintain and adjust your systems as your business needs evolve.  I am an experienced trainer and document author, and I always include training and documentation with each project plan to ensure that your new masterpiece is sustainable for years to come.  Your team is empowered to take ownership of the system without needing additional support to make simple changes. 

Let's eliminate the extra steps in your technology workflows and maximize the value of your website for your organization.