Websites and full-stack development for associations

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Untapped value, ready and waiting.

If your organization uses iMIS, you probably already own a full-featured modern website CMS: iMIS RiSE. RiSE has a bit of a learning curve, but it is versatile, modern, and extendable to meet almost any need. Best of all, you don’t have to maintain additional tools to offer a robust, tailored website with a rich user experience.

From the time I started working with iMIS back in 2010, my focus has been building solutions and solving problems with RiSE (when I started, it was called “WCM”). I used RiSE to deliver value to iMIS clients and their members, specifically with:

    • RiSE themes and templates – making RiSE match your organization’s brand.

    • iMIS interface customization – adjusting parts of the iMIS interface that are not possible to adjust through built-in admin menus and options.

    • Member applications and renewal processes – configuring RiSE to support self-serve membership dues transactions.

    • Event registration – from simple webinars to huge in-person events with complex offerings and pricing rules.

    • Online store – selling products online, supporting both physical fulfillment and providing instant access to digital goods.

    • Donation pages – providing a way for members to donate online and customizing the donor experience.

Unlock the full potential of your iMIS investment.