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Associations and non-profits rely on iMIS and other membership management systems as mission-critical tools for effective management of their businesses. Communication teams rely on WordPress and other leading website systems to help spread the word and stay connected to constituents and the public. When your information systems are properly aligned, it means your business engine is well-tuned and firing on all cylinders, and that your team is fully equipped to do their best work.

Integrating business systems requires careful thought, planning, and experience. The benefits of well-connected business systems are far-reaching, but there are some important pitfalls to avoid. My experience with solving integration needs for the diverse needs of different types of organizations – all sorts of professional and trade associations and societies – is why I am uniquely equipped to help you connect your most valuable data to those who need it.

Over the past decade, I’ve configured and supported:

    • Single Sign On – using various methods and technologies (OAuth, SAML, OpenID, Token-based, etc.).

    • Data import processes – automatic as well as manually controlled.

    • Data silo elimination – auditing organization data silos and centralizing critical information.

    • REST-based APIs – data consumption and updates.

    • Python scripting – automation to pull data from APIs and broaden your data horizons.

    • Backend automations – using SQL jobs and CRON to generate metadata and enforce data policies.

    • Purchase process integrations – granting access to connected systems after completing a purchase or validating identity using other information.


Let's get all your systems singing the same tune.

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